Maddox Group Inc


2020 "Best Place to Work" Award

Our new headquarters is the embodiment of you and your team’s experience, attention to detail and commitment to addressing all of our needs and requests. You guys should be proud. I know we are!

Dean Ngo
VP of Human Resources and Legal Affairs
atShoes for Crews

It is always a pleasure to work with your team and I am continually impressed by their work ethic, tidiness, qualifications, and positive attitude. I have peace of mind when you are running a project at my 2 million square foot office campus.

Danielle Vennett
General Manager and Vice President
atCrocker Partners

Your attention to detail was both professional and impressive. We are 100% complete with the project and Very Satisfied.

Robert C. Rabuck
Senior Vice President
atNextek Small Business Finance LLC

Thank you for the timely and great job the space was delivered as anticipated. Your team was very professional, vigilant and neat. Those traits are what we look for when having contractors in our building.

E. Michael Eissey, Jr
Sr. Property Manager
atPaul Hanna Management, Inc